Leadership, 2013-14

John Tecklenburg, President
Digit Matheny, President-Elect
Leon deBrux, Treasurer
Alissa Collins, Secretary
Patterson Smith, Immediate Past President
Herb McGuire, Sergeant-At-Arms
Catherine Jones, Board Member
Kathy Jones, Board Member
Don Oswalt, Board Member
Steve Coe, Board Member
Dan Ravenel, Board Member
Michael Saboe, Board Member
Paul Stoney, Board Member
Carroll Schweers, Executive Secretary

Rotary service
(Committee chairs in bold; subcommittees listed under chairs)
Five areas of Rotary Service
Community Service, Paul Stoney
Rotary Service Above Self Scholars, Jeremy Cook
Salvation Army, Alan Uram
Senior Aging & Issues, Mark Smith
Environ. Protection, Cooper Coker
Wellness, Richard Dowell
Veterans, TBD
Day of Caring, TBD

New Generations Service, Catherine Jones
International Service, Michael Saboe
RF Annual Giving/Special Funds, Kathy Jones
Ambassadorial Scholars, Sue Sommer-Kresse
GSE, Bill Prewitt
International Projects, Johan Prins and Emil Lansu

Vocational Service, Steve Coe
Club Service, Dan Ravenel
Fellowship, Mark Danes
Visiting Rotarians & Guests, David Baggs
Invocation, Bill Christian
Health & Happiness, Dan Ravenel
Emblem, Ricky Bailey
By-Laws, David McCormack
S-A-A, Herb McGuire
Education Committee, TBD
Excellence in Education, Joan Ustin
Rotary Readers, Ken Caldwell
Desk Project, Trey Lucy
TOTM, Barbara Kelley Duncan
Dictionary Project, Kathy Jones
Tennis/Swimming, Paul Stoney
Rotary Windows, Kathleen Forbes
Board Liaison, TBD
Board Liaison, Dan Ravenel

Membership Committee, Don Oswalt
Rotary Information, Andy Brack and Brian Johnson
New Members, Digit Matheny
Socials-Gala, Jeanne Jamme, Katie McCravy

Public Relations Committee
Programs, Leslie Fellabom
Keyway, Doug Holmes
PR/Magazine, Alissa Collins
Historian/Photographer, Fred Sales

Budget, Leon deBrux
Rotary Club Chas Fund, Brian Johnson
Fundraising, TBD